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will road king saddlebags fit softail

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What is the difference between Harley Softail and road King?

As compared to the Road King, the Softail’s chassis is lower-slung. The Softail is lighter and shorter than the Road King. Comparing the Road King and Softail, the Road King has the best ground clearance and better suspension. Harley Softail motorcycles are more comfortable and user-friendly.

What kind of bike is a Harley Davidson Softail?

Harley-Davidson’s Softail is an entry-level bike in the Softail line, but it still has some exclusive features and a lot of heart-touching capability. Road King: The Road King is a classic touring motorcycle designed for Harley-Davidson fans.

What size saddlebags for Harley Davidson?

No Exhaust Cutouts 4.5 Stretched Saddlebags for Harley Davidson (2014-2022) 4.5 Stretched Saddlebags for Harley Davidson (1993-2013) Standard Size Saddlebags For Harley Softail Models (Standard, Deluxe, Heritage, Fat Boy)

Why is Heritage Softail&Road King so popular?

Why is Heritage Softail Road King so popular? Harley-Davidson is a brand that has over the years built a reputation around making good and quality motorcycles. They produce a large variety of bikes and ultimately almost every rider wants to add one to their collection.

hyfax Member

Can anyone tell me if I can put hard saddle bags from a Road King on my Softail?

whatyardwork Banned

Have a friend with a fatboy that did it.Looks pretty close to a road king.

hyfax Member

Thanks for the help. The bike has an assembled title anyway so there is no reason to keep it stock and I’m tired of dealing with the issues that come with leather bags. I’m going to the J & P catalog right now.

NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

Leather does have lots of issues, especially if you live in wet cold or hot humid climates where they do not dry properly and lose their finish over time.

What is a softail Harley?

A Harley Davidson Softail is a motorcycle that has its rear suspension springs or shock absorbers positioned out of direct view, such that it looks like a hard-tail motorcycle. Its engine is also positioned in such a way that projects a vintage feel to it. 4.

Why is Heritage Softail so good?

The answer would be yes because the Heritage Softail puts the rider in a good riding position. The position ensures that the rider is comfortable. Another reason is how much of an easy feel it gives the rider so riding can be nice and easy.

How fast does the Heritage Softail go?

As soon as the Heritage Softail hits about 85mph , the rider starts to feel the vibration of the engine but the Road King continues to provide a smooth ride even when at high speed.

What are the two most popular families that enter the discuss radar?

The two most popular families that enter the discuss radar are the Softail and the Road king families.

How many cc is a Heritage Softail?

The Heritage Softail has a 1745 engine cc.

What is the best bike for two up touring?

An ideal comfortable bike for two-up touring would be a Road king Bike. It also has more storage space so if you tend to carry a lot around it would be the best choice for you.

Which is better, Road King or Heritage Softail?

The Heritage Softail is the ideal bike for riders who weigh less than 200 pounds while the Road King is sturdier and better for heavier and taller riders. it sure would provide much better power to weight ratio. Softail is more comfortable for shorter journeys like visiting friends or running errands.

What is a universal saddlebag hard mount kit?

Universal Saddlebag Hard Mount Kit by Willie & Max®. Designed to work with all Willie & Max saddlebags or any Throw Over style saddlebag with a reinforced backing or tub for rigidity and load distribution. Specific applications may…

What is Universal Raptor saddlebag?

Universal Raptor Series Slant Saddlebags by Willie & Max®. Features clean, sleek look , zip off yokes, removable carry handles and plastic reinforcing for shape retention . This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with…

What is the 3550 saddlebag?

Universal Aeropac II Saddlebags by Chase Harper®. Featuring a contour inner shape that hugs the rear end for a slimmer more aerodynamic fit, the 3550 Aeropac II Saddlebags were designed for low drag and high performance. With its light,…

Who makes Universal Sierra saddlebags?

Universal Sierra Dry Saddlebags by Nelson-Rigg®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of craftsmanship. Manufactured from…

What trims are available for softails?

You have the classic Fat Boy, the Fat Boy Lo, the Backline, the Softail Deluxe, the Heritage Classic, the Softail Slim, the Standard, the Springer, the Custom, the Cross Bones, the Night Train, the Deuce and the Breakout. All Softails give you that relaxed riding …

What is a softail Harley?

The Harley-Davidson Softail model has a lot of styling cues from the “hardtail” choppers from the 60’s and 70’s. The Softail has its own very unique profile on the road and you will look great riding it. There are many different trims of the Softail and they’re all instant classics. You have the classic Fat Boy, the Fat Boy Lo, the Backline, the Softail Deluxe, the Heritage Classic, the Softail Slim, the Standard, the Springer, the Custom, the Cross Bones, the Night Train, the Deuce and the Breakout. All Softails give you that relaxed riding position so you charge the road ahead of you. In addition, each trim has its own specific characteristics because no two Softails are alike. Viking Bags took these factors into account in the designing process and created several bags that would fit every rider’s needs. Such beautiful motorcycles are meant to be ridden. We’ve come up with several different bags to fit the demand of most riders; commuters, weekend warriors, and the adventurers. Depending on what your needs are Viking Bags has the bag for you.

Do Viking saddlebags come with bolts?

Viking Bags offers a hard mount kit for free with the purchase of any saddlebag from our website. We always include standard bolts for your manufacturer but may need different bolts on specific models. In such cases, the costs of said bolts should not exceed than a couple of dollars at your local hardware store. Providing free mounting hardware is not the standard in the saddlebag industry and we do this for all of our bags, unfortunately we cannot carry every specific bolt for every model because the combinations can easily go into the hundreds. The hard mount method is by far the most popular way of installing our bags. One installed, you can rest assured that they’re not easily coming off while riding.

Can you choose a bag with a lock?

You can choose bags that have the locks on top, like the one pictured below, or you can choose a bag that has the lock under the buckle. Simply lift the buckle to expose the lock. Moreover, most of our bags also have a spot to pad lock the bag for additional peace of mind.

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