will ipad air case fit ipad 2018

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  • Will an 11-inch iPad Pro case fit an iPad Air 4?

  • It’s because the devices are almost identical in size, although the iPad Air 4 is slightly thicker. Short of having a very tight-fitting case, you shouldn’t have compatibility issues. If you already have cases for an 11-inch iPad Pro, keep it until your iPad Air 4 arrives to confirm that it fits. Otherwise, hang tight and wait.

  • Will your old case fit the new iPad Pro?

  • Height and width-wise, all three iPads are identical, but in a somewhat puzzling move, Apple’s new entry-level iPad is a full 1.4 mm thicker. This unfortunately means that if you owned cases for either the iPad Air 2 or 9.7-inch iPad Pro, none of them will fit this new iPad.

  • Will the 2021 iPad Pro keyboard cases fit the 2020 iPad Pro?

  • Just in case you’re curious, If you’re dying to use Apple’s newest keyboard cases with your older iPad Pro, the new keyboard cases for the 2021 iPad Pro models will fit the 2020 models as well.

  • What accessories will work with the iPad Air 4?

  • The iPad Air 4 doesn’t even arrive until October, so you still have time. Beyond cases, other iPad Pro-compatible accessories work with the iPad Air 4, including the Magic Keyboard, Smart Keyboard Folio, and second-generation Apple Pencil.

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