will an iphone 8 screen fit an iphone 7

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  • Will an iPhone 8 screen work on an iPhone 7?

  • Came to realize it was actually an iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8 screen in works just fine, other than the fact it has these rectangular metal 鈥渟quares鈥?rather that plastic tabs like on iPhone 7鈥?Was this answer helpful? Maybe not on purpose, but an eight screen WILL work on a seven device.

  • What is the difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7?

  • As iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 have the same size display, the LCD screen sizes are almost the same. So we can鈥檛 find the differences from the front but there are some small differences on the back.

  • Will a 7 Plus screen fit on an 8 Plus?

  • Bottom line: a 7/7 plus screen WILL work on an 8/8 plus phone, but it will not FIT. move the home button before testing. Iphone 7 and iphone 8 have differ screen beacause the home button and the screen on iphone 8 is attach to the phone and if iphone 8 home buttom broken than the whole phone is broken

  • Will the iPhone SE silicone case fit the iPhone 8?

  • Apple’s iPhone new SE Silicone Case lists compatibility with iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. Whatever iPhone model you choose, JIMMYCASE has a wallet case to fit your phone.

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