will a v10 transmission fit a 5.9 cummins

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will a v10 transmission fit a 5.9 cummins插图

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  • Should I get a Cummins for a transmission swap?

  • I don’t recommend them as an option for a transmission swap, unless your engine will break whatever is behind it anyway and you plan to rebuild or replace your trans after a few race events. Getting one built to handle even a 350 hp Cummins will cost you a good chunk of money and it will still give you problems.

  • Can I use a Ford 4R100 transmission with a Cummins diesel?

  • I would not recommend using either of those transmissions in stock form behind even a mildly turned up Cummins diesel. When swapping a newer or older Ford trans be aware that the 5R110 and the 6-speed manual transmissions have a larger output shaft than the 4R100, so your input may need to be changed.

  • What kind of transmission does a Chevy pickup have?

  • If you are only interested in information about manual transmission swaps, click here to go to that section of this webpage. The Allison 1000 5 and 6 speed transmissions have been regarded as excellent transmissions since they first made their appearance in the Chevy pickups in 2001.

  • What’s a good Cummins to put in a non-Ford truck?

  • The NV4500 and 5600 are known to perform well with the Cummins. Even with big torque numbers. Plus they are easy to find adapters for because they were a factory option. My ZF5 is also a good choice but that would depend on what it’s going in as t wouldn’t make sense to source out a ford tranny to put it into a non ford.

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