will a twin comforter fit a twin xl bed

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Judging from a twin XL bed size, which is 39 by 80 inches, a twin comforterwill not fit perfectlyon a twin XL bed. The width of the comforter will do, but the length will not. A twin comforter is 5 inches shorter than a twin bed. Using a twin comforter on a twin XL bed will not give a perfect cover to the bed.

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  • What is the difference between twin&twin XL beds?

  • The extra-long length of the twin XL bed makes it a popular choice for teens and adults, while standard twin beds, also referred to as single beds, are great for younger children or for those with really small bedrooms. What is the Size Difference Between Twin Twin XL Beds?

  • Can you put a twin mattress in a King Size Bed?

  • In addition, twin and twin XL mattresses can be pushed together in the master bedroom to make a king size bed for couples who like to sleep on different types of mattresses. One twin or twin xl mattress can be super soft and luxurious, while the other can be ultra-firm, accommodating both parties.

  • What size sheets fit a twin bed frame?

  • High quality twin and twin XL sheets like those from Peacock Alley are generous in size and are 75鈥?wide by 112鈥?long, for the utmost comfort. Will a Twin XL Mattress Fit a Twin Bed Frame?

  • Can a twin box spring hold a twin XL mattress?

  • A twin box spring, however can hold a twin XL mattress, but the extra part of the mattress that will hang over the edge of the box spring may cause the bed to be unbalanced and interfere with the support you receive while sleeping. In addition, the mattress may become damaged due to the extra strain on it from repeated incorrect use.

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