will a tahoe rear end fit a silverado

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When you weigh all the obstacles, you will come across fitting a Tahoe rear end to a Silverado. It鈥檚 not worth all the headaches.It is possible to fit a Tahoe rear end on a Silverado, but you will have to be an experienced and expert mechanic.

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  • Are the breaks on a Tahoe 4dr the same as 2dr?

  • yea everything should be the same the breaks if im not misteaken are only bigger on the suburbans i think the regular tahoe 4dr is the same as a 2dr and make sure u DONT put a different gear ratio in the rear then the front if ur gunna change the ratio do both.

  • What’s the difference between a 2-door and a 4-door Tahoe?

  • The only difference I’m aware of is that the 4-door has a sway bar and bigger brakes. Will this diff bolt up and work in my 2-door? I need to decide by Wednesday. Sorry. Forgot to add, this is a ’96 Tahoe, 2-door, 4X4.

  • How many gears in a front end?

  • The front end I already bought has 3.73 gears and this rear end also has 3.73’s. I’m well aware of what would happen to my brand new tranny rebuild if I were to put different ratios in there.

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