will a sigma lens fit a nikon d3400

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will a sigma lens fit a nikon d3400插图

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The Sigma鈥?strong>s18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM is a wide-angle and fast constant aperture zoom lensfor your Nikoncamera this lenswill be helpful for quick capture of your subject. This lensstands as a great wide-angle standard zoom lensas well for NikonD3400.

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  • Can I use DX lenses on the Nikon D3400?

  • You can also use Nikon鈥檚 FX (full-frame) lenses, too. However, DX lenses which are exclusively compatible with the smaller DX sensor in the entry-level D3400, are not fully compatible with FX full-frame Nikon cameras.

  • Does Nikon D3400 have image stabilization?

  • Nikon D3400 doesn’t have a sensor based image stabilization system but 37 of these Telephoto Zoom lenses features optical image stabilization. Use our Smart Lens Finder tool for more detailed lens search.

  • Are Sigma lenses compatible with Nikon?

  • Incompatibility between Sigma lenses and Nikon bodies is well known, the problem arises because Sigma reverse engineer the mount and interface. Nikon do not license their lens mount so there is no choice. If you have a Sigma interface you may be able to update the lens firmware quite quickly.

  • Why won’t my Nikon D3400 focus on a low contrast subject?

  • A low contrast subject might be tricky especially if using an off centre AF point or auto focus point selection. Firstly, my understanding is that there’s no compatibility issue between the D3400 and the 150-600mm contemporary lens, so the problem is probably just down to a setting.

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