will a king comforter fit on a cal king bed

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The width of any king-size comforterwill fitaCaliforniakingas well, but the length may be an issue. Opt for comfortersspecifically made for a Californiakingbedor choose a king-size comforterthat’s on the long side, near 110 inches. Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what size is a Calkingcomforter?

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  • What size comforter fits a California King Bed?

  • The actual measurements for California king beds are: Cal King Bed – 72 x 84 Inches vs. King Bed – 78 x 80 Inches It can be challenging to find a comforter to fit this specialty size mattress properly. At a typical department store, you will find oversized king comforters that measure 106×96 to 108×98.

  • What is the difference between a queen and a king comforter?

  • The queen comforter measures 96 to 100 inches in length, while the king comforter measures 86 to 88 inches. A queen comforter measures 86 to 88 inches in width, whereas a king comforter measures 102 inches. Can You put a Full-Size Comforter on a Queen Size Bed?

  • How much drape do I need for a Cal King Bed?

  • You now have 14-15 inches of drape on the side of the bed (again, you really won’t once you get in bed). Using an over-sized comforter on a Cal king bed is best because you get the benefit of extra side coverage (about 3-4 inches extra each side). As for the foot length of 84 inches; this gives you now approx.

  • What is a Cal-King Bed?

  • The Cal-King. If you are lucky enough to have a California king bed (also known as a ‘Cal king’) you know that the bed is less wide than a traditional king size mattress, but longer.

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