will a 70 inch tv fit in my car

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  • Will a 65 inch TV fit in a car?

  • Will a 65 inch TV fit in a car? You may be able to fit the TV in its carton flat in the cargo space, but if the TV is not upright during transport there is an increased risk of damage. The video at the 1 minute 11 second mark suggests a 65 TV will fit in a full size SUV and a 51 TV will fit in a standard size SUV.

  • Can you fit a large TV in a car?

  • Here’s what they determined each can handle, assuming the television is still in its original packaging: According to Nissan’s press release, experts recommend placing a new television upright (even in the box) in a vehicle to prevent damage, which is why you probably have anecdotal evidence that vehicles can fit larger televisions than that.

  • Will a 40 inch LCD TV fit in a Honda Civic?

  • If it will, then you might be ok. I could not fit a 40 LCD Samsung in the box in a 2007 Honda Civic because of the car door size. I was able to fit the actual TV in it without the box. A coworker of mine recently bought a 47 LCD, and he couldn’t get it into his sedan while still in the box either.

  • Can you transport a 55 inch TV in a car?

  • This is especially important if you are looking at a 55-inch or larger TV, as you will need a lot of cargo room. It is also very important to transport your new 4K TV upright. If you lay a large TV down to fit it into your car or truck you risk damaging it, and the retailer may not exchange it.

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