will a 302 intake fit on a 351 windsor

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will a 302 intake fit on a 351 windsor插图

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Yesthe 351w intake is wider, much wider, than the 302’s. It’d due to the 351w’s 1.3 taller deck, which makes the heads further apart, hence a wider intake. The heads will interchange between the windor engines…except the 351 uses 1/2 head bolts instead of 7/16 for all other windsor engines.

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  • Can You Put A 351W lower intake in a 302?

  • Since the lifter valley of the taller 351w is wider than the 302, a new lower intake is required. Aftermarket suppliers of 351w intakes are numerous. Most of these companies offer a 351w lower intake that will bolt up to their 302 upper intakes, which many Mustang owners may already have.

  • Will 351 heads fit in a 302?

  • one other thing. you need to make sure these heads are 351 windsor heads. 351 cleveland heads will not work on a 302 block without a special clevor intake manifold which is no longer being produced. hey guys…i recenty found out that i have the C80E 1968 4V heads on my 302.

  • What is the difference between a 302 and 351W distributor?

  • The distributor in the 351w is the same length as the 302 distributor. However, the 351w does use a larger diameter Oil Pump Drive Shaft. The larger drive shaft will require the larger diameter distributor shaft.

  • Will 302 headers fit on a 351W Fox body swap?

  • Stock 302 headers will bolt up to the head of a 351w (since the heads are basically the same), but will not mate up to the factory 302 mid-pipe due to the extra width of the 351w, and may even make contact with the transmission tunnel. There are many aftermarket suppliers of 351w Fox Body Swap headers including MAC, FRPP, Kooks, Hooker, and Hedman.

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