will 12 pro max case fit 13 pro max

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The answer to this question ismixed. Technically, an iPhone 13 Pro Max can fit into a 12 Pro Max case, but it鈥檚 not an amazing fit, so to speak. While Apple has moved some of the buttons ever so slightly, the cases mostly line-up.

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  • Will iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max cases fit on iPhone 13?

  • Will iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max cases fit on iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max? Can iPhone 13 case be used with an iPhone 13 Pro? Will iPhone 12 or 12 mini cases fit iPhone 13 or 13 mini? To simply put it together, iPhone 12 or 12 mini case will not fit iPhone 13 or 13 mini. This is primarily due to only one factor, which is the rear camera module.

  • Will a Galaxy 13 Pro Max case fit on a 13 Pro?

  • No, the camera bump is much bigger on the 13 Pro Max so the case won’t fit properly. I seriously doubt it. They will move the camera bump around a millimeter or two just to make sure they can make some more money on new cases.

  • How thick is the iPhone 13 Pro Max classic hybrid shock-absorbing case?

  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max Classic Hybrid Shock-Absorbing Case is 1.1mm thick and would barely add any extra weight to your device. Despite its thin appearance, the protective case is unbeatable at absorbing shock upon impact.

  • Will the Magic Keyboard fit on the 13 Pro Max?

  • They are the exact same dimensions except for the 13 Pro Max being 0.25 mm thicker. I would think the cases would fit. It’s almost like the first gen iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard working with the 5th gen iPad Pro 12.9 I think it will fit too. If so, that would be nice, one less thing to buy.

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