why do people hate planet fitness

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  • What happened to Planet Fitness on YouTube?

  • In March, a group of lunk activists successfully banded together to have the Planet Fitness You Tube channel shut down by organizing a mass flagging of their commercials as offensive material. The chain was forced to start a new one, under a different name. And other gyms have started making their own commercials in response to Planet Fitness.

  • What does Planet Fitness call people who struggle to tie their shoes?

  • Or the one where another 鈥渓unk鈥濃€攖hat鈥檚 what Planet Fitness calls these sorts of people鈥?struggles to tie his shoes. A third shows a screaming gym buffoon as he fills out a membership application, flexing and making sound effects as if he鈥檚 maxing out on the squat rack.

  • Is planet Fitness discriminatory to bodybuilders?

  • Not to the bodybuilders and serious weight lifters who find the way they鈥檙e portrayed in the commercials offensive and the way they鈥檙e treated in Planet Fitness clubs quite possibly discriminatory. I鈥檝e felt that discrimination myself firsthand. I鈥檓 not what you would call a bodybuilder, mind you, or a regular Planet Fitness member, either.

  • Is planet Fitness the fastest growing industry in fitness?

  • Planet Fitness, for its part, has been one of the fastest growing players in the fitness industry over the past couple of years, with 422 clubs in operation and around $150 million in annual revenue, according to Craig. Those numbers put the chain in the company of other big industry players like 24 Hour Fitness and Gold鈥檚 Gym.

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