who owns copper fit

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  • Who is copperfit industries?

  • Get to know us. Copperfit Industries Inc. was established in 1999, it is a Family Owned Business first started with a 100 sq. foot facility to import and distribute copper fittings in California.

  • Is copper fit a good brand to buy?

  • Copper Fit has 240+ reviews on our website, which average 2.2-stars out of five. Less than a third of users say they would recommend this brand to others. Copper Fit orders should ship out within 30 days. Expect to pay at least a $3.99 processing fee per order.

  • What is the co-copper fit and does it work?

  • Copper Fit claims to use the powers of compression and copper to give you pain relief, help you recover faster, and reduce your risk of further health complications. However, the copper fibers might be more promotional hype than help.

  • How does Copper fit work?

  • In order to accomplish this, the compression provided by Copper Fit is claimed to stabilize and support muscles, improve muscle circulation and oxygenation, prevent muscle strain and fatigue, and to help reduce muscle recovery time.

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