which dog breed fits your personality

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  • What kind of dog should you get?

  • You are the kind of person who is suited to any breed of dog, especially that mixed up breed we call mutts. You should be proud. Only the very best kinds of people are mutt people. Top drawer! You should get a Chihuahua or similarly small breed dog.

  • What dog should you get if you have a high energy personality?

  • This high-energy dog is the perfect match for a go-getter like you. You’ll have a blast hitting the dog park and meeting other dog enthusiasts. You should get a border collie. This good-natured dog is also super smart, like you, but also very loyal. You’ll have a great time teaching this dog all kinds of new tricks.

  • What attracts you to a dog?

  • Even if you don’t intend to get a working dog, you are likely attracted to the dog’s demeanor and look because it corresponds to something about you. Maybe the dog looks like you, with its shaggy hair and soulful eyes, or it’s just up for it in a way that appeals to you, wanting to go running one minute and snuggling the next.

  • Should you get a Corgi or a Pitbull?

  • You have a lot in common. Pit bulls are sweet and sensitive, and they love kids. That’s why they’ve been nicknamed Nanny Dogs. Sure, they’re big and strong, but you can handle them. You’re tough. You should get a Corgi. They seem like little dogs because they are so low to the ground, but they actually have big dog attitudes.

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