where to buy sharkbite fittings

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  • What kind of fittings do Sharkbite make?

  • If you’re after PEX pipe, couplings, conversion couplings, threaded connectors, elbows, flared adaptors, tees, stop ends, breech assemblies, disassembly clips, and suit copper fittings, browse through our stock today! SharkBite water fittings are known for their quality and ease of use.

  • Can you use Sharkbite fittings on PEX?

  • More About SharkBite Fittings SharkBite push-fit fittings are designed to connect to PEX, copper pipe, or CPVC in a matter of seconds. These fittings are not compatible with PEX-AL-PEX tubing. SharkBite fittings are made of brass, making them strong and corrosion resistant.

  • What does the Sharkbite warranty cover?

  • The SharkBite warranty covers all PEX tubing and push-to-connect fittings for 25 years (from the date of manufacture). All other valves and accessories are covered for 24 months after the date of manufacture. For more information about warranties, get in touch with us or take a look at the SharkBite website (where you can download a copy).

  • Which PEX pipe and fittings are made in Australia?

  • We stock PEX pipe and fittings that are perfect for water distribution in your home. All Sharkbite plumbing fittings are manufactured in Australia and checked for quality before distribution to suppliers. For leak-free plumbing solutions, take a look at our large range of SharkBite products.

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