where does discovery fit in the timeline

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  • Where does 鈥楽tar Trek Discovery鈥?Fit in the timeline?

  • CBS鈥?Star Trek: Discovery is set exactly 10 years before the original Star Trek and fits in neatly in the Prime timeline. Thanks to the many shows and films made after the original series, the Star Trek universe has become vast and complicated. Read on to find out where the new series fits in the Star Trek timeline.

  • When does 鈥榙iscovery鈥?take place?

  • Discovery takes place about 95 years after the events of Enterprise, with Capt. Archer. The finale of Enterprise (which some fans prefer to forget) featured the founding of the Federation. Captain Jonathan Archer commanded the first deep space mission in Starfleet, using Warp 5 technology.

  • Is 鈥榙iscovery鈥?set in the Kelvin Timeline?

  • Answering a question from a fan, actor Anthony Rapp, who will play science officer Lt. Paul Stamets in Discovery, posted an emphatic confirmation on Twitter. So if you鈥檙e not a fan of the Kelvin timeline, take heart 鈥?everything you see in Discovery is set in the original reality.

  • Is discovery visually consistent with the original series?

  • Given Discovery takes place two years after the Original Series鈥?pilot episode and nine years before the second pilot, 鈥淲here No Man Has Gone Before鈥? we would expect the show to be visually consistent. For example, here are the Starfleet uniforms used in those two episodes, contrasted with what we鈥檝e seen from Discovery:

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