when will ring fit adventure be back in stock

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when will ring fit adventure be back in stock插图

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End of January 2020

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  • Where can I buy Ring Fit Adventure?

  • Argos A firm favourite for all things toys and games, Argos is an excellent place to search for where to buy Ring Fit Adventure. This is because it separates its stock by region, giving you far more of a chance of claiming your own once that inventory comes back.

  • Why is Ring Fit Adventure so popular on Nintendo Switch?

  • Interest in not only the Nintendo Switch, but its premier fitness game, Ring Fit Adventure, has skyrocketed, leading both the console and the game to sell out everywhere. Because Ring Fit Adventure comes with physical equipment–a pilates ring and a leg strap–you can only buy it physically, and the bundle sells for $80.

  • How do you use the Ring Fit?

  • The game comes with a Ring Fit (imagine a pilates ring) that lets you slide one Joy-Con controller into the ring and another into a strap that you fasten to your leg. This allows the game to track how hard you’re working-and you’ll work hard.

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