when is planet fitness bill due

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July 1, 2020

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  • When will I be charged for my Planet Fitness annual fee?

  • Planet Fitness Annual fee is charged around eight weeks after your joining. For more information, you can contact their club staff. Click Here For Planet Fitness Annual fee Planet Fitness Phone Number

  • Is there a free trial at Planet Fitness?

  • There is no free trial at Planet Fitness. Once you become a member, it will automatically bill you the annual and monthly fees. You can choose to pay the minimum start-up fee of $1 through the Black Membership Card.

  • What happened to Planet Fitness membership?

  • Then the coronavirus derailed the train. As of October, Planet Fitness was down to 14 million members. The last time the company had just 14 million members was in the second quarter of 2019. Back then, there were 1,859 locations. Now there are 2,086. So, not only has membership fallen, but members per location have plummeted dramatically.

  • Does planet Fitness Black Card membership come with a contract?

  • Often, Planet Fitness Black Card memberships come with a contract, usually of 12 months. However, some clubs may offer additional promo offers in which you can combine a black card membership with a no-commitment kind one. Is Planet Fitness a 12 month commitment?

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