what’s wrong with planet fitness

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  • What happened to gyms when Planet Fitness closed?

  • Gyms across the country were closed, and according to Planet Fitness’ FAQ page, during that time, gym-goers were not charged their fees. While our locations are currently closed, we have proactively frozen all memberships on your behalf, the customer service page reads.

  • Why do so many people go to Planet Fitness?

  • They provide a comfortable and convenient service to get you to sign up, but discourage any real working out. And at ten bucks a month, most people aren鈥檛 that guilty if they skip a month, or two, or twenty-two. In fact, many people use it as a pizza dinner every month. All their commercials proudly declare that Planet Fitness isn鈥檛 a gym.

  • Is planet Fitness safe to use?

  • So, that doesn’t exactly give people a lot of confidence that even if their local Planet Fitness is open, that it’s really safe to do so. Customers are urging the gym company to refund all the yearly fees they just took out of people’s bank accounts.

  • Why did Planet Fitness charge $39 to everyone who doesn’t pay?

  • Apparently, Planet Fitness charged $39 to everyone who didn’t pay their membership fees over the few months. Why? The company considers their gyms open now鈥攂ut there was no heads up that the company would be charging people.

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