what ssd will fit my laptop

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  • What size SSD will fit in my laptop?

  • The easiest way to find the right SSD is with the Crucial Advisor鈩?tool or System Scanner tool. Solid state drives now come in different shapes, making it more difficult to know what size SSD will fit in your laptop. The 2.5-inch drive was formerly the only commercially-available SSD.

  • Is an SSD compatible with a desktop computer?

  • Actually, whether it is laptop or desktop computer, the compatibility between SSD and computer depends on if they have the same hard drive interface type (port) or not, and if the hard drive bay on PC can accommodate the SSD or not (shape or size).

  • How to choose the right SSD for your PC?

  • Find the model of the drive installed on your PC currently. If you can find the model of the drive that is installed on your PC, you can search this model online and get information of drive including size and port. Then, you can buy an SSD having the same size and port.

  • What is an SSD in a laptop?

  • M.2 SSDs are thin memory sticks that look a lot like RAM DIMMs and pop into slots on the motherboard. A laptop with an M.2 SSD may use the SATA interface or the faster PCIe-NVMe interface. If a manufacturer labels a drive as M.2 256GB SSD, and doesn’t mention PCIe, assume that it is SATA, which would make it the same speed as a 2.5-inch SSD.

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