what snow plow fits my truck

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  • What is the best plow for my truck?

  • For tight spaces, the C-plow works best. In rural situations, the V-Plow shines. Hiniker is proud to offer industry-leading plows made to fit all trucks (link to fit my truck page). These plows are equipped with the latest electrical and hydraulic components made right here in the USA.

  • What is the best snowplow mounting system?

  • When a blizzard hits, don鈥檛 struggle trying to mount your plow in the cold. Hiniker鈥檚 quick-hitch snowplow mounting system is the fastest plow mounting system available! The self-aligning drive-in mount lets you connect your Hiniker plow in seconds. This eliminates manually lifting, pushing, and pulling the plow into place.

  • What is a plow made of?

  • Plows are made from poly, mild steel or stainless steel. Of these, ploy is the slickest, so snow will not stick to the blade if you choose this option. It also resists scratching, denting and corrosion. It is, however, a heavier plow, which means more wear and tear on your truck.

  • Which snow plow blade should I buy?

  • Owning the poly blade means that snow will never stick to your plow and you will never need to paint the blade. For those interested in the poly blade, we recommend the 7000 Series Straight Blade Plow, the 8000 Series C-Plow, or the 9300 Series V-plow.

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