what size tire fits a 22×14 rim

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  • What sizes do 22×14 wheels come in?

  • We offer 22×14 wheels in 5×5, 5×5.5, 6×5.5, 8×6.5 and many more fitments and finishes. If you’re in the market for 22×14 Rims we got tons of options and all the wheels we offer include a lifetime structural warranty and ship fast and free.

  • What is the best size tire for a 22×10 rim?

  • Recommended tire sizes for a 22×10.0 rim Tire size Wheel diameter Popularity P 235/30 R22 27.6 5% P 245/30 R22 27.8 16% P 295/25 R22 27.8 3% P 255/30 R22 28.0 4% 15 more rows …

  • Can you put stretched tires on 22×9 rims?

  • For those who had their ride lowered or want to put stretched tires on 22×9.0 rims, we have real life examples from car tuners with photos of the wheel setups. In this case the right tire size for 22×9.0 wheels means the tires do not rub against the suspension.

  • How to find the right size tire for my rim?

  • The first number is a wheel diameter in inches. The second one is a wheel width in inches. This table helps you to find the best tire size for your 22×10.0 rim because it collects the real users’ experience from the car forums and wheel manufacturers (the data is taken from their galleries).

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