what size socket fits a spark plug

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  • What size is a spark plug socket for a lawnmower?

  • What Size is a Spark Plug Socket? As for what is the size of a spark plug socket, there is no standard universal size. People often mistake to consider the most common sizes i.e., 13/16鈥?and 5/8鈥?as the standard size spark plug socket. These sizes are generally used for cars, whereas a 鈥?plug socket is a common one for lawnmowers.

  • What size spark plug do I need for my car?

  • Spark Plug Socket Size Chart Spark plug size in inches Spark plug size in mm Socket needed Aplication 5/8 16 5/8-16mm Scooters, motorcycles, smaller cars 13/16 20 13/16 Cars 3/4 19 3/4 Lawn mowers/Small engines 18 3/8 Motorcycles 4 more rows …

  • What is a spark plug socket used for?

  • A spark plug socket is a tool meant for screwing the plug (tighten or loosen). It comes in various sizes depending on the hex of the spark plug. Hex (hexagon) is the diameter of the central region of the spark plug. The socket serves the purpose of tightening or loosening the plug through that hex. The size varies with the type of application.

  • What is the diameter of a spark plug wrench?

  • The wrench fits up to one end, whereas the spark plug hex fits the other. It comes in a length of around 2 to 3 inches. The diameter is variable (20 mm, 16mm and 14mm) which depends on what it is being used for. What is the Best Spark Plug Socket for a Lawnmower?

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