what size sheet fits a futon mattress

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Full size futon frames are54鈥?x 75鈥? full size futon mattresses are 54鈥?x 75鈥? and full size futon sheets are 57鈥?x 85鈥?/strong>. Queen size futon frames are 60鈥?x 80鈥? queen size futon mattresses are 60鈥?x 80鈥? and queen size futon sheets are 63鈥?x 83鈥?

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  • What size futon mattress do I Need?

  • The full or double bed is the most common futon mattress size. At 54 inches by 75 inches, the dimensions of a full size bed are excellent for single sleepers who like to roll around or spread out.

  • What kind of sheets will fit a futon?

  • Most standard sheets made for beds will also fit a futon. There may be some slack, but that’s easily addressed. First, find out what size futon you own. Futons tend to come in many sizes, depending on the manufacturer. Measure the futon from top to bottom.

  • What is the size of a queen size Futon?

  • A queen is 60 by 80 inches, and a king is 76 by 80 inches. An extra-long twin is 39 inches by 80 inches, and a California king is 72 by 84 inches. Most futons tend to follow the same sizes as mattresses.

  • Can a futon mattress be used as a double bed?

  • Full futon mattresses makes for a great futon-couch conversion piece for a guest room, living room or game room. Most futon mattresses come in a full size/double size because they can easily fit two people, but when opened up to be used as a bed, they don’t take up too much space.

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