what size is oakley standard fit

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  • What is the Oakley standard fit?

  • While the Oakley Standard Fit generally is found in medium-size frames, there are still both smaller (like the Fives Squared) and larger frames (like the Sutro) in this category. You鈥檒l definitely want to check the measurements on the pair before

  • What size Oakley sunglasses do I Need?

  • Determine the size of Oakley sunglasses you need by the size of your face. A small or thin face would require eye size frames between 40 and 48 mm. A medium to large face would require eye size frames between 49 and 58 mm. Extra wide faces would require eye size frames above 58 mm. 00:02 09:20

  • What are Oakley 鈥楢sian fit鈥?sunglasses?

  • Oakley 鈥?asian fit 鈥?sunglasses are designed to better fit the face shape and structure of someone with a flatter face and higher cheekbones. All Oakley asian fit sunglasses will have larger nosepads and some frame chassis are actually wider and flatter than the 鈥榮tandard fit鈥?versions.

  • How do I know what size my Oakley frame is?

  • On most modern Oakleys, you can simply look on the insider of the earstems to find the dimensions of your frame. You鈥檒l typically see 3 numbers separated by a small O icon. The first number is your lens width, followed by the bridge width (nose piece), and finally the earstems or temple length.

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