what size is a hose fitting

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3/8 inch to 3/4 inch in diameter

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  • What is the standard size of a hose?

  • The standard hose fitting size is either -11.5 NH or 5/8-11.5 NH. In these examples, the fractional parts, or 5/8, represent the given hose鈥檚 internal dimensions in inches. The 11.5, of course, relates to the thread pitch that we explained above.

  • What size is an an size fitting?

  • In this regard, what size is an fitting? Each AN size refers to the outer diameter (o.d.) of the tube, or inner diameter (i.d.) of the hose that it’s used with. The numbers assigned equal the size in 1/16 inch increments.

  • How do you measure a garden hose?

  • A tape measure is the best way to measure your personal garden hose鈥檚 size. Simply run the tape measure from the top of your hose鈥檚 opening to the bottom and record its diameter. When measuring, the number should refer to the internal diameter, as this is size that needs to match the garden hose to a fitting nozzle or faucet. Why Does Size Matter?

  • How many threads in a garden hose?

  • Most residential garden hoses have a 5/8鈥?internal diameter with 11.5NH or 11.5 threads per inch. Some professional or high-flow hoses are 3/4鈥?11.5NH while some cheaper hoses are 1/2鈥?11.5NH. It is rare however to find a residential hose fitting that uses a different thread pitch.

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