what size halter fits a mini donkey

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The halter size a mini donkey should wear depends on the length of their head. If their head is between 26 and 29 inches,then they鈥檇 fit in a small halter. Bigger donkeys with a head size of 26 to 32 inches require a medium halter. Fully-grown mini donkeys with a head up to 36 inches should wear a large.

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  • How to measure a donkey for a halter?

  • How to measure your donkey for the proper size halter: 1) Head Measurement: Measure from the corner of the mouth, going behind the ears, to the corner of the mouth on the opposite side of the head. 2) Use the Chart: Find your measurements in the chart below. If you fall between sizes, always order the larger size.

  • How to measure a miniature horse for a halter?

  • Mini鈥檚 usually measure 13-14.5; Ponies 14-15; Horses 16-17; Drafts 18-21. Make sure you have the halter on when doing this measurement, preferably a flat nylon halter. Include the width of the halter in your brow band measurement. Also make sure the halter is right behind the horse鈥檚 ears.

  • Why choose mini donkey/mule harness?

  • We think Mini Donkey and Mules are special, and we spent nearly two years perfecting a harness just for them. Mini Donkey/Mule has it鈥檚 own size, which has fit every mini donkey or mule since 1994! Our harness is unconditionally guaranteed to fit and perform, as long as you measure.

  • How do you measure a donkeys nose?

  • Made of 3/4 nylon to fit adult standard donkeys. Measure around the nose for nose measurement and from the nose on one side up behind the ears and back to the nose on the other side for the full crown measurement. Nose fits 15-20 and full crown 36-41.

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