what size clothes fit luvabella doll

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The34-38 cmsize is suitable for the 36 cm version of BABY born and Baby Annabell. Clothes in size 39 to 46 cm are available for the largest dolls. What can the Luvabella doll do?

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  • What kind of clothes does luvabella doll wear?

  • Pretty set of matching clothes and shoes to fit the Luvabella doll in a sweet lime green gingham check with tiny daisy detail . The swing dress has a white collar edged with miniature cotton lace , puffed sleeves edged with the same lace , and white satin bows to the hem slits .

  • Can luvabella wear baby clothes and diapers?

  • You can use your own accessories with Luvabella if you want. These dolls can wear baby clothes and diapers. The best sizes of baby clothes and diapers will be the first (the set is sold separately). Your little one can teach this doll to talk. How cool is that ?!

  • What is the best age to buy luvabella dolls?

  • Luvabella dolls arrive offline, which means they can move and make their own sounds 鈥?like a real child. For some children under the age of 5, this independence may make them nervous or even frighten (think, Chucky). We recommend waiting for your little one to ask for Luvabella before you decide to buy it.

  • What size blanket do I need for luvabella?

  • Super soft fleece blanket for Luvabella doll , with pink gingham trim , the blanket is very generous measuring 63 cms long x 56 cms wide, and has a hooded section , making it perfect for wrapping Luvabella up for bed!

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