what size baby clothes fit build a bear

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  • How big do build-a-bear Teddy Bears get?

  • Build-A-Bear teddy bears and animals from The Build-A-Bear Workshop generally average around 15 to 18 in size although this can differ as new ranges are released, so if in doubt a measuring tape can come in handy!

  • Can I wear build-a-bear Buddies clothes from Be my bear?

  • In recent years Build-A-Bear Buddies have been introduced. These characters are small pre-stuffed bears or animals designed to complement the main range of Build-A-Bear characters and thus are not compatible with clothes from Be My Bear. Still Unsure?

  • Will build-a-bear clothing fit my build-a-bear character?

  • As long as your Build-A-Bear from head to toe measures between 15 and 18 and the Build-A-Bear character is one that stands on two legs, then 99% of the time our Be My Bear clothing will fit these characters perfectly.

  • What is the difference between be my bear and build-a-bear?

  • The UK Bear Factory was incorporated into Build a Bear Workshop but the US based Bear Factory is thriving and growing year on year and Be My Bear are still the exclusive suppliers of its products in the UK and Europe. Now back to the sizing !! It can be very hard working out if an outfit from Be My Bear is compatible with a Build-A-Bear teddy.

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