what order to fit a kitchen

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  • What should be the Order of work when fitting a new kitchen?

  • Kitchen fitting, order of work. I’m looking to get a new kitchen fit soon and was wondering what should be the order of work. The walls will need skimming/plastering, some electrical work will need doing such as new sockets, old kitchen ripped out, old flooring ripped up, new kitchen and flooring installed, new tiling and painting.

  • How to fit your own kitchen units?

  • How to fit your own kitchen units. 1. Measure out the space. Using a spirit level, measuring tape and pencil, mark on the walls where the top of the base units will be, remembering to allow for the legs, which may be adjustable. 2. Install the base units. Move the base units into place, starting in a corner.

  • What should I look for when buying a new kitchen?

  • Take note of the sizes of appliances that you want to fit in your new kitchen and what units will be required to fit them Make a note of any kitchen appliance or furniture that you already have, or that you feel is a 鈥榤ust have鈥?item in your new kitchen.

  • What type of kitchen worktop should you choose?

  • Finally, it鈥檚 time to fit the worktop. Laminate versions are easy to cut and fit yourself, and will come with laminate strips to cover edges. Timber, stone and composite worktops are better left in the hands of the professionals.

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