what jeans fit your body type

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  • How to find the right jeans for your body type?

  • How To Find The Right Jeans For Your Body Type 1 Pear Shape. Pear-shaped ladies have slender upper bodies and wider hips. … 2 Hourglass Shape. If your shoulders are equally proportionate to your hips you fall in the hourglass category. … 3 Apple Shape. … 4 Inverted Triangle shape. … 5 Rectangle Shape. …

  • What are the best jeans for my body shape?

  • You ladies are a lot luckier with this body shape as you can get away with most things and look great. With a hip to bust ratio of 50/50 and a slim waist, it鈥檚 all about the styling and keeping your proportions balanced. Here are some great jeans to look for: 鈥?Skinny Jeans 鈥?I always think skinnies are the most flattering on hourglass shapes.

  • What type of jeans should men wear?

  • This is that jeans fit for men that look good on most body types. People can clearly identify a regular fit from slim fit jeans. As regular fit jeans fit straight from hip to thigh, they are mostly mid-rise and have a large leg opening. For men who are not too big-boned or too thin, regular fit jeans look best.

  • What kind of jeans go with an inverted triangle body shape?

  • Inverted Triangle shape The broader shoulder and narrow hips of an inverted triangle figure can be balanced by wide-legged jeans. This is because all leg lines that are wider in their hemline will help give you a long and lean look. The key tip here is finding the perfect accompaniment to your jeans.

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