what is the mental fitness app

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  • How do I download MyMy mental fitness on a Mac?

  • My Mental Fitness on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. This app is designed for use by organisations who partner with Converge and requires a code from your employer to create an account.

  • What is an app for mental health and wellness?

  • Mental health apps are tools that can be accessed via your smartphone or mobile device that focus on improving different aspects of mental health and well-being. Such tools may focus on a range of areas related to wellness including relaxation, stress management, and sleep. They may also offer self-help tools, therapeutic activities, and access …

  • What is the moodfit app?

  • Available on GooglePlay, Moodfit is a free mental health app with tools and insight meant to 鈥渟hape up鈥?your mood. Similar to the way you might decide to get into physical shape, this app is meant to help you get into mental shape.

  • What is my mental fitness?

  • My Mental Fitness provides a comprehensive, evidence-based convenient way for you to assess, build maintain your Mental Fitness. My Mental Fitness covers 11 separate dimensions within 4 key driving factors that contribute to our overall wellbeing: – Complete the Mental Fitness Assessment and receive your Mental Fitness Score.

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