what is the difference between custom fit and classic fit

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what is the difference between custom fit and classic fit插图

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Classic fit is the classical polo shirt that is loose and has wide chest and shoulders and lower arm holes. Custom fit is a more fashionable polo shirt that is slimmer,has high arm holes and is shorterthan the classic fit polo shirt. If you are more fashionable,go for a custom fit.

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  • What is the difference between classic fit and custom slim fit?

  • Classic Fit: our roomiest silhouette. Cut for a lower armhole and a fuller sleeve that falls closer to the elbow. All sizes are approximate. Men’s dress shirts sizes are based on neck measurement. Custom Slim Fit: a trim silhouette in between our Classic Fit and Slim Fit. Sleeve hugs the bicep. Tailored through the waist.

  • What is classic fit or regular fit?

  • Classic fit may be also called natural fit or straight fit. This fit can be worn by anyone, but it is more appropriate for people who are not very slender. What is Regular Fit? Regular fit clothes also fit looser around the body without being baggy, unlike slim fit.

  • What’s the difference between a slim fit and a custom fit polo?

  • From their website, it sounded like the slim fit polos might be slimmer than the custom ones, but it was not entirely clear. Custom Fit = Short-sleeved polo shirt, cut for a trim, modern fit in breathable cotton mesh with higher armholes and a shorter hem than the classic.

  • What exactly is a custom fit?

  • A custom fit is a fit that is more designed for a specifit body type, so the shoulders and otehr areas will fit a bit diffrently. Do you know if its also shorter in length?

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