what is the alarm at planet fitness

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Loud siren

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  • What is the Planet Fitness Lunk alarm?

  • So, what is the Planet Fitness lunk alarm? The Planet Fitness lunk alarm is an alarm at the gym Planet Fitness whenever somebody makes loud noises, drop weights, or shows signs of 鈥榞ymtimidation鈥?

  • How does Planet Fitness make you feel at work?

  • A Planet Fitness worker will sound the alarm if they see or hear someone grunt, drop weights loudly, show off their muscles, and so on. This makes new or average gym-goers feel comfortable and less intimidated.

  • Why is Planet Fitness bad?

  • If you鈥檙e still asking why planet fitness is bad, let鈥檚 recap again. Planet fitness is bad because they use their branded planet fitness lunk alarm to discriminate against others and create a toxic environment. This alarm can be used by staff to discriminate against gender, skin color, or just get rid of people they don鈥檛 like.

  • What is Planet Fitness?

  • Planet Fitness is a gym for people who wants to try working out in a gym environment, without the discomfort and the judgement. While most gyms target bodybuilders or those who want to become stronger, Planet Fitness began with a quest to target the rest of the population.

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