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Exercise action-RPG

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  • What is Ring Fit Adventure?

  • What is Ring Fit Adventure? Ring Fit Adventure takes cues from Nintendo’s Wii Fit and Wii Fit U but is exclusive to the Switch console. It’s a fitness-focused game intended to get players active while playing.

  • What is Ring Fit and how does it work?

  • At the center of Ring Fit’s combat is the Ring-Con, a real-life pilates ring that connects to one of your Joy-Cons (while the other slips into a leg strap to go around your thigh). The Ring-Con is remarkably sturdy and has held up well over the past year, with no noticeable change in its resistance or durability.

  • What is a comfort fit ring?

  • As its name suggests, a comfort fit ring is designed with comfort in mind. Comfort fit rings are a newer ring design with rounded interiors. The rounded interior requires more material to create and, as a consequence, they tend to be slightly more expensive than standard fit rings.

  • How does Ring Fit Adventure work with Joy Con?

  • When a Joy-Con controller is attached, the Ring-Con responds to the player鈥檚 movements and exertions. The leg strap goes around a player鈥檚 thigh and holds a Joy-Con, which responds to the movements of the lower body. Using these accessories, Ring Fit Adventure turns real-world exercise into in-game actions. What is Ring Fit Adventure?

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