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  • What kind of suits does Jos a bank make?

  • The next suit on our list is from Jos A Bank鈥檚 Signature Platinum suit series, as will the rest of the suits from here on out. The suit is made from year-round 150s quality wool. The suit has a two-button stile jacket with side-vents, tailored shoulders, and pick-sticked detailing.

  • How do I Shop Big and tall at Jos a bank?

  • The following is a guide to shopping big and tall at Jos. A. Bank. Our big and tall collections for suits, sportcoats and tuxedos include chest measurements of 44-60 and feature options for gentlemen who are longer (tall) or who are stouter with a larger abdomen (Regal Fit – our most generous cut).

  • What is Jos a bank known for?

  • They are known to sell a variety of products, with their suits being the most popular. Jos A Bank is also known for its moderate prices, their suits won鈥檛 break your bank and you will still look really nice.

  • What are the different types of dress shirts at Jos a bank?

  • Jos A Bank offer four different fits of dress shirts. Traditional Fit shirt鈥?this is the most generous cut, with a wide cut through the chest and waist. Tailored Fit shirt鈥?this is a leaner shape, with a narrower chest and waist. Slim Fit shirt鈥?this was the narrowest of Jos A Bank鈥檚 range.

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