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So first,let鈥檚 start with a definition from Harvard Business Review: Cultural fit is the likelihood that someone will reflect and/or be able to adapt to the core beliefs,attitudes,and behaviors that make up your organization. Your employees are your company鈥檚 biggest asset.

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  • What is cultural fit and why does it matter?

  • Just like there are variations in individual鈥檚 personalities, business culture varies from company to company. It鈥檚 why some people fit into one set of business values and a particular working environment, but not in others. Cultural fit is essentially all about matching people with business culture.

  • What is a good cultural fit in an interview?

  • The most successful employees are ones who fit within an organization’s existing workplace culture. Finding job candidates who are a good cultural fit is a key part of the interview process. What Is Workplace Culture?

  • What is an example of cultural fit?

  • Examples of Cultural Fit. When you are considering the cultural fit of an applicant, here are examples that will guide your assessment. An employee who works well on a team and who appreciates the input of a variety of people is likely to work well in an organization that stresses teamwork and in which teams are integral to daily operation.

  • Is cultural fit a selection criteria?

  • Cultural Fit as a Selection Criteria. One of the main purposes of a job interview is to enable the employees on the interview team to assess the potential cultural fit of a job candidate.

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