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To some individuals, being fit means the ability to complete a marathonor lift a lot of weight. To another, it could mean walking around the block without becoming short of breath. Your definition of fitness will be influenced by your interests, physical abilities, and goals.

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  • What does it mean to be a fit body?

  • They are training their body to be lean, not to improve fitness and health. A fit body is, at its core, a healthy body, and will look different from woman to woman. To get a fit, healthy body, take the following into consideration: While BMI is generally a good measure of body fat, it does not distinguish between fat and lean body mass.

  • Why is it important to be healthy and fit?

  • Being healthy and fit is a passion of mine because up until recently, it wasn’t a real priority! There is a significant difference in your overall wellness as an individual when fitness is a priority. Healthy living is so vital for a prolonged and happy life, which is why it’s important to explore and understand the benefits of being in shape!

  • What does it mean to fit into something?

  • 鈥?Mimi Elder 1 : to conform to a particular shape or size The dress fits perfectly. also : to be accommodated Will we all fit into the car? 2 : to be in harmony or accord : belong 鈥攐ften used with in He wanted the house to look natural, to fit in with the island landscape. 鈥?quot;

  • What does it mean to be fitted to the facts?

  • 鈥?William Shakespeare 3 : to be in agreement or accord with The theory fits all the facts. 4 a : to put into a condition of readiness His temperament fitted him to understand an age of courageous exploits 鈥?/div>Fit | Definition of Fit by Merriam-Webster

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