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  • What are the Avery pants?

  • The Avery pant is the perfect melding of a classic tailored trouser with a modern tomboy sensibility. Designed to have a bit of ease through the hip and thigh with a slim leg ankle grazing length giving it a refined yet boyish attitude that is versatile on all body types.

  • Why choose Avery labels?

  • Get the quality you expect from Avery, the world鈥檚 largest supplier of labels. No hassles, no hurdles. Because when you鈥檙e 100% happy, so are we.

  • Can I use a manual feed to print Avery labels?

  • In most cases, you want to use the manual feed instead of the automatic tray to print Avery labels. Some Avery labels come with a special feature called Sure Feed Technology that can drastically reduce the chance of printer jams. Using these labels can be a good idea if your printer jams up frequently.

  • Is Avery Wilson dating fitness guru Joseph D fit?

  • Avery Wilsonis sharing his love. The RB singer made headlines in July when he came out as bisexualon his 25th birthday. Now, he鈥檚 opening up about the romance he has in his life. Taking to social media, he shared a clip of himself loved up with popular fitness guru Joseph D Fit:

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