what is asian fit helmet

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Asianfitis a debatable term used by the eyewear industry to describe sunglasses that are made for people with lower nose bridges and higher cheekbones.

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  • What are the best Asian-fit helmets?

  • In 2015 Kask added their Mojito XL, the only Asian-fit helmet for up to 64cm (25.2) heads. In 2019 Bell has the Aeon, Savant, Sonnet, Revel, Verona and Raze.

  • What makes the Union鈩?MIPS® Asian fit helmet so special?

  • With Thermostat Control Adjustable Venting, anti-odor padding, and a customizable fit at the turn of a dial, the Union鈩?Mips Asian Fit helmet comes fully loaded for your all mountain freeriding.

  • Do Giro Helmets make Asian fit?

  • The same rider fit well into a Kask Mojito X-Large. In January of 2020 a rider asked Giro and was told they did make Asian Fit for their Aether, Synthe, and Syntax helmets. But there are no US retailers selling them, so they may not meet the US standard. This rider found an Ebay listing by a South Korean seller for the Giro Aether.

  • Do Trek helmets fit Asian head shapes?

  • Using a typical US brand helmet forces the user with an Asian head shape to install thick pads to compensate for lateral ridges, forcing a too-large helmet. In May of 2021 Trek announced a new round fit version of their Starvos WaveCel model.

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