what is a tenant fit out

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A tenant fit-out is aprocess of making interior spaces suitable for occupation. It is often used concerning office developments, where the mainframe is completed by the contractor and the final details by the tenant or occupant. The tenant will generally be leasing space as a tenant from the owner of the property.

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  • What are the tenant’s fit-out responsibilities?

  • Tenants are responsible for making all arrangements for the carrying out of all works required by their fit-out proposals using approved contractors (see Section 3.3). All fit-out works must be undertaken in accordance with the provisions of this manual and applicable law, rules and regulations.

  • What is the difference between fit-out and occupant?

  • The occupant will generally be leasing space as a tenant from the developer / landlord. The term fit-out refers to providing necessary equipment for the buildings like interiors,decorations,fittings .Shell and core are type of buildings developed for office buildings for rent and also to speed up the design and building process.

  • What is a ‘fit out’?

  • The word 鈥榝it out鈥?is a construction term often used to describe the process of making the interior space of a building suitable for occupation by a tenant.

  • What are tenant improvements for fit-out construction?

  • These activities are typically referred to as TIs or tenant improvements for the fit-out construction process. Of course there are more personnel involved than just the interior architect, tenant and fit-out contractor; the landlord and building engineer and local code reviewers should be involved as well.

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