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With Chinos there are generally two main sizing options:classic and sim fit. A classic fit is wider with more leg room and a barely tapered leg opening. Slim, as the name suggests, is slimmer and more fitted around the thigh and hips 鈥?with more tapering through the leg.

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  • What is the difference between straight fit and regular chinos?

  • Straight fit chino pants are made for men with larger builds or those who prefer a more classic fit. Regular chinos provide more room in the thigh and a smaller leg opening, but they can be harder to dress down.

  • Are skinny chinos more elegant than classic chinos?

  • While a classic fit Chino is more鈥?classic, a slimmer fit Chino is certainly more modern. And, we think, more elegant too. Skinny fit Chinos are available, of course, but we advise against this option as a bit of a fashion faux-pas.

  • What are the best men鈥檚 chinos to wear all day?

  • Here are the best men鈥檚 chinos to wear all-day-every-day this season. Available in 21 color ways, 4 different fits, and even the ability to customize the pocket liner, Bonobos made the one pair of chinos that every guy will want to score with 2% lycra for stretch.

  • What are Stay Loose chino pants?

  • The brand’s aptly-named Stay Loose chino pants boast a ’90s-inspired fit that’s cut loose through the seat and thigh and come pretty close to capturing exactly how a pair of chinos should fit if you’re looking to experiment with the more relaxed fits stylish guys have been embracing with gusto as of late.

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