what is a bulkhead fitting

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secure, snuggly-fitting partition

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  • What is a bulkhead fitting on a tank?

  • A bulkhead fitting allows piping connections to be made to a tank. A hole is cut in the tank into which the fitting body is inserted. A locknut threads onto the body to hold it in place. The locknut puts pressure on the gasket (s) that allows it to make a liquid tight seal.

  • Does Home Depot sell bulkhead fittings?

  • A bulkhead fitting is an unusual item of plumbing designed to pass a connection through the sealed wall of a vessel. While there are a lot of household and industrial applications for them, you won’t find bulkhead fittings at Home Depot. Speciality sources on the Web want $10 or $20 for what should cost pennies.

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 have a bulkhead fitting?

  • Having a bulkhead fitting in place is sometimes the only thing that is going to allow you to remove or add liquids to a container or drum. Without this fitting with a watertight seal, in place, things can spill and create a mess. Depending on the type of liquid that you are working with, this kind of mess can be detrimental.

  • What is the maximum pressure for a bulkhead fitting?

  • Most bulkhead fittings will have a max pressure of about 150 psi. Some may have more, and some may have less; make sure this is considered before installation so you don鈥檛 end up with a gasket that cracks under pressure.

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