what happened to levi 505 regular fit jeans

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  • Are Levi’s making all of their jeans uncomfortable?

  • There is a huge thread of dissatisfied people on Levi’s customer forum. Since Levi’s decided to make all their jeans uncomfortable (low rise, skinny legs even in non-skinny fit ), I need to find some new jeans that fit similar to the old 505s (which I purchased in 2008).

  • Are Levi’s 501s supposed to sit at the waist?

  • After looking through Levi’s.com, I notice that the only other regular fit style not made for overweight people (comfort, loose-fit) is the 501s, which are said to sit at the waist. However, in the description of each one they say straight fit and sits below the waist. WTF? I guess it’s Gap easy fit for me…

  • Did Levi’s change their number cut to target Skinny Jean hipsters?

  • I have recently needed new jeans and come to the same discovery that Levi’s has gone the route of changing their cuts to target skinny jean hipsters. Nothing wrong with that I just wish they made new numbers and kept their longer standing number (505) the same cut.

  • Is the new 513 the new 505?

  • I thought that the new 513 was what you described as the new 505. they have been redesigning the cuts of 505s and 501s for years. its something you have to either deal with or find a replacement. id try lvc 1967 505s… they are are cut kind of slim, but look like a 505. CMF has moved on to some Next Level Shit.

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