what hair color fits me best quiz

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  • What determines the color of your hair?

  • Oftentimes, the length of a person’s hair is influential in what color will look best on them. From pixie haircuts to extra long strands that cascade down the back, it’s obvious that the hair shade isn’t just determined by how well it looks against certain skin tones.

  • How do I choose a new hair color?

  • Before deciding on a new hue, be sure to check if it will clash with other aspects of your appearance such as clothes or makeup colours. Find a hair color that suits your skin tone, eye color, and personality type. There are many different shades that can suit you, so don鈥檛 be afraid to experiment!

  • Does everyone have the right skin tone for hair color?

  • Not everyone has the right skin tone to coincide with all the latest trends in hair color in regards to how well it looks. How would you best describe your skin tone? What best describes your hair texture?

  • What colour clothes suits your personality?

  • You might have a striking contrast between your eyes, hair and face. The clothes colours that suit you are 鈥?whites, blacks, browns, navy, mustard, and burgundy. You prefer to wear silver rather than gold jewellery. Any hair colours with a blue or violet base will suit you.

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