what fits in a kanken

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You could fit alaptop, binders, and booksin a Kanken. It can hold as much as necessary for your schooling needs. You can fit a binder in a Kanken without any issues. You should be able to fit two binders in your Kanken backpack.

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  • What is a Kånken?

  • My backpack is a Fjllrven Knken, in the standard 16L size. In Sweden, I see it everyday when people commute and go shopping. The name Knken means roughly 鈥渢he lug,鈥?as in lugging something, so it鈥檚 quite fitting.

  • Do Kånken laptops have shoulder straps?

  • However, they do have a Knken laptop version specifically made with a padded compartment and padded shoulder straps for carrying your laptop safely and comfortably. This version is available for laptop sizes 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch.

  • Is the Kånken No 2 Waterproof?

  • However, the Knken No. 2 is made of the G-1000 fabric and is much more water repellent (read: still not completely waterproof). Fjallraven highly recommends waxing G-1000 fabric with their Greenland Wax for an increased water repellency and durability.

  • How many straps does a Fjällräven Kånken have?

  • Along with the two shoulder straps, the bag also has two carrying handles, which is great when you need to have your bag ready at customs or whenever you don鈥檛 want to have the bag on your back, like on public transit. Read more about the best backpacks for women. Is Fjllrven Knken waterproof?

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