what dog fits my personality

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What Dog Breed Should You Get Based on Your Personality Type?ISFJ: German Shepherd. …INFJ: Australian Shepherd. …INTJ: Jack Russell Terrier. …ISTP: Rhodesian Ridgeback. …ISFP: Shiba Inu. …INFP: Tibetan Terrier. …INTP: Chow Chow. …ESTP: Beagle. …ESFP: Corgi. …ENFP: Labrador Retriever. …鏇村缁撴灉…

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  • What kind of dog should you get?

  • You are the kind of person who is suited to any breed of dog, especially that mixed up breed we call mutts. You should be proud. Only the very best kinds of people are mutt people. Top drawer! You should get a Chihuahua or similarly small breed dog.

  • Which dog breeds are best for ESTJ personality types?

  • Or you can take the official MBTI here. One of the best canine guardians you鈥檒l find anywhere is the Briard. While many dogs are bred for herding or guarding; the Briard was bred to do both jobs. They are intelligent, responsible, loyal, and vigilant 鈥?much like the ESTJ.

  • What dog should you get if you have a high energy personality?

  • This high-energy dog is the perfect match for a go-getter like you. You’ll have a blast hitting the dog park and meeting other dog enthusiasts. You should get a border collie. This good-natured dog is also super smart, like you, but also very loyal. You’ll have a great time teaching this dog all kinds of new tricks.

  • What are the most intelligent dog breeds?

  • Border collies are probably the most intelligent dog breed you鈥檒l find anywhere. Known for their intense stare, unlimited energy, and working drive, these dogs exhibit a lot of ENTJ tendencies. Known as 鈥渨orkaholic dogs鈥?these collies are not cuddly couch potatoes.

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