what does fram ph25 fit

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  • Where can I buy Fram ph25 oil filters?

  • Pit Stop USA offers Fram PH25 Oil Filter – Buick – Olds – Pontiac V-8 PH25 at low everyday prices. Be sure to check out all of our products from Fram Filters including Fram Filters Fram High Performance Oil Filters. Availability Remarks: Same Day Shipping!

  • What are the specs of a ph30?

  • PH30. Product Description. … FRAM Extra Guard provides the perfect balance of dirt-trapping efficiency and dirt-holding capacity. Product Specs. Height 4.063 Inside Diameter 13/16-16 Th’d Outside Diameter 3.66 Anti-Drainback Valve …

  • How does the Fram extra guard filter work?

  • Tiny dirt particles between 10 and 20 microns do much of the damage to bearings, cylinders and other moving engine parts by rubbing and causing wear. How? FRAM Extra Guard filter uses a thick, multi-fiber media and provides a maze to trap contaminants effectively. Before oil enters the engine lubrication system, it passes through the oil filter.

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