what does fitness do in the escapists 2

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A higher Speed (known as Fitness in TE2)decreases the time between attacks, increasing the character’s damage per second. To increase the character’s speed, the player will have to either run on the treadmill, skip, use the yoga mat, or hit the speedbag. Note that speed doesn’t affect the walking speed of the character.

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  • How does health work in The Escapists 2?

  • Health is rather straightforward in The Escapists 2. The Health stat indicates the vitality of your character, and is represented by a small heart icon. If your health drops to zero, you鈥檒l pass out and be taken to the infirmary by the staff. The staff will also confiscate any contraband items on your character at the time.

  • How do the stats work in The Escapists 2?

  • In The Escapists 2, there are six stats that players must manage and monitor throughout the game. Three of the stats can change instantly and therefore must be monitored in real time as you play, while the others can be improved over time throughout the game.

  • How do you increase stamina in The Escapists 2?

  • Like Health, your Stamina stat in The Escapists 2 will recover slowly over time. This can be sped up by showering, laying down in bed, or consuming certain items. The Heat stat in The Escapists 2 indicates the negative attention you鈥檝e received from the guards recently.

  • How to increase your intellect in The Escapists 2?

  • Reading books and using computers will help increase your Intellect in The Escapists 2. You can find books to read throughout the prison, but your best bet would be to head over to the prison library.

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