what does asian fit goggles mean

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Asian fit ski goggles refer toski goggles that are designed with foam between the goggle frame and nose bridgeand may have a low bridge and higher frame shape. These goggles are made for people with a smaller face, or flatter nose, just like most Asian people, as the name suggests.

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  • What is the difference between normal and Asian fit goggles?

  • Diference between normal and asian fit (oakley goggles) asian fit is basically made to fit a flatter, rounder face with a flatter nose.

  • What are Asian fit glasses?

  • Asian fit glasses have a few techniques to complement these features rather than complicate them. Asian fit eyewear has thicker nose bridges. This enables them to be fitted with thick nose mount pads specifically designed to lift the frames off of your cheekbones and allow them to rest comfortably higher on the nose.

  • What is Asian fit and should you try it?

  • It鈥檚 mainly called Asian fit because the issues we mentioned above (glasses hitting the cheekbones and eyelashes) are most common with Asian facial features. However, anyone with a flatter nose bridge or who struggles with glasses slipping down their face should give Asian fit a try.

  • What is the difference between the different types of goggles?

  • Goggles 鈥?Typically have an extra pad at the nose region. Grapevine 鈥?Has a different frame geometry . Also, Asia Fit lenses are smaller so can鈥檛 be swapped. Hatchet Wires 鈥?Available in different colorways and has a different nosepiece.

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